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Our Equipment

As the technology in modern cars becomes more complex, so must the equipment of a quality collision facility. We have the tools, training, and machinery to keep pace with the new advancements. This helps us ensure that you’re guaranteed high-quality repairs each and every time you rely on us to fix your vehicle.

Frame Machine

Chief Collision Technology™ Computerized Measuring & Frame Equipment

Our Chief EZ Liner S21® real-time, computer-operated, laser-measuring frame machine is capable of working on most vehicles from small two-door sports cars to large four-door extended bed pickup trucks. 


Paint Application

Blowtherm Downdraft Paint Booth

Our high-quality HPLV paint guns, fully enclosed and heated down-draft paint booth by Team Blowtherm, BASF® Glasurit® paint (known as one of the highest-rated brands in automotive refinishing,) and our highly-skilled, experienced refinishing painters allow us to stand behind our lifetime guarantee.


Steel Repair

MI200T – Spot Welder

 Chief's MI200T is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high strength steels. High duty cycle that lets technicians weld quickly at a high current without having to slow down to let the welder cool off. Quick change of pliers with easy slotted openings and a flip lever locking system.

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Scan and Diagnostic Tools

Launch Pad

In the event of an accident, some of the sensitive electronics may become damaged, even if there is no visible sign of harm. Whether detecting misalignment in a vehicle’s structure or verifying that repairs have successfully eliminated damage, the GlobalScan computerized measuring system can do the job. GlobalScan integrates the precision of laser scanning with a computerized data base for unmatched accuracy in collision repair and analysis. In addition to showing extent of collision damage, GlobalScan monitors progress throughout the repair and verifies the vehicle’s structure is correctly aligned. 

Cheif MI2000 A7.jpg

Aluminum Repair

 In making strides to achieve higher fuel efficiency, vehicle manufacturers are turning to aluminum to reduce the weight of their cars and trucks. Aluminum has taken the collision repair industry by storm by presenting a material that requires vastly different repair methods and expensive equipment. Grand Central Colllision has made the investment in tools and training to ensure we always have the ability to repair your vehicle safely and to industry standards.


All Metals Covered

Pro Spot SP-5

Our Pro Spot SP-5 welder gives us the versatility needed to repair modern vehicles. From traditional steel mig welding, low temperature silicon bronze brazing, and high straight aluminum welding we have you covered! We also abide by vehicle makers recommendation on which welding wire is required for the job. 

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